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To donate or pay tuition...
Just fill out the short form below and click the Submit button. This takes you to the checkout window where you can enter your payment amount. Payment is processed securely through PayPal and you'll be emailed a payment confirmation. 
Please consider paying with "Friends and Family" to help avoid added fees and keep tuition costs low.
If paying by check please make checks payable to: Deutsche Schule - German School Milwaukee

REFUND POLICY: All requests for refunds must be submitted in writing. Tuition is refundable until the beginning of the fourth class, as follows: If the refund request is received prior to the beginning of the second class, 100% refund; prior to the third class, 75% refund; prior to the fourth class, 50% refund. NO refunds are available after the fourth class has begun.

Thank you for supporting our culture of education and community spirit.

Tо inquire about joining us mid-semester, please use the Contact Us form to schedule an appointment with the assistant director.

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