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WELCOME! This year, we have been working on new and interesting ways to help keep students focused and engaged as we will be returning through distance learning (online) for the first semester. Most of the teachers will be using zoom to interact with their students, and many will be using break-out rooms to break into different conversations, assignments and interactions. Some will have special guests, have students join conversations in other classes, have students lead parts of the class, combine classes, and more to keep it interesting. See below for information from each teacher…

REGISTER TODAY: School started Saturday, September 19, 2020 at 8:15 AM, but it's not too late to join us!

Click here for Child Registration Tuition is $300 per year. (29 classes per year)

Click here for Adult Registration Tuition is $350 per year. (A discount of $25 is offered to adults that have a child enrolled)

To Pay tuition visit the tab called "Donate or Pay Tuition" on this website.

After you have registered and payed tuition Please contact Frau Annaliese Mills or Frau Cornelia Ille-Hoekstra for placement - or if you already know your instructor, you can contact them directly for instructions to join the class.  




We will be holding Virtual classes (online) for the first semester and will reevaluate if safe options become available in January. PLEASE NOTE: We will try to hold as close to the structure outlined below as possible, but may be required to reshuffle based on what the semester presents. Thank you for your understanding and flexibility. Please see info. from each teacher below...

Children ages 5-7:  Instructed by Frau Annaliese Mills. 

At this age, children are generally beginning to read and write English and have varied exposure to German. They learn language quickly through songs, games, and stories. Classes will begin with approximately a 40 minute zoom session that will include a story, learning vocabulary, a quick game or activity, and instruction for activities to be completed on their own or with help. At the end of this class the children will have learned vocabulary and phrases related to various topics, including: Alphabet, Numbers, Colors, Shapes, School, Family, House, Clothing, Body, Opposites, Animals, Food, Weather, and Culture.   

Children ages 7-9:   Instructed by Frau Tami Hetzel

An introductory level course for children who can read & write in English and: have completed the previous Level, have a little background in German or are beginners. Weekly lessons will include a ZOOM session (30-40 mins) followed by assignments/activities which are to be completed independently and will reinforce the new material. Topics may vary slightly and include: German Culture, Greetings & Farewells, Polite Words & Phrases, Numbers, Alphabet, Colors, Body, Calendar & Weather, Opposites, Animals, etc. Very basic grammar concepts are also introduced and if time permits we will work with 1 or 2 beginning readers. Lessons may include some experimenting with different online platforms to increase interest and engagement. Some parental assistance may be occasionally required.

Children ages 8-11:  Instructed by Frau Karen Rinaldi and assisted by Frau Tina Stueve 
Level 2 Students will participate in zoom sessions to do textbook activity and practicing reading. Zoom break-out sessions will be set up with partners to practice conversing and working on assignments. The emphasis will be on simple German language and basic conversations topics such as clothing, time, colors, musicians, weather, seasons, days, European authors and more. Special topics may include guest speakers from Austria and Germany to share immigration stories, table etiquette lessons as done in Germany, writing simple cards or letters, reading elementary German books, doing short reports, learning songs and poetry.

Children ages 11+:  Instructed by Frau Cornelia Ille-Hoekstra

Advanced students who have passed our 2nd level, students from the German Immersion School or those who have had German Language training from other sources. Lesson plans will generally include a weekly ZOOM sessions in which students will share their daily "Tagebuch" or Journal, review homework and have a reading or grammar lesson. We will have Special Projects such as creating a German Menu, Family Genealogy,  Staatswappen Project (Picking a state in Germany and reporting on it), and writing your own German Fairy Tale. Lessons may also include recognizing German holidays, historical events or online videos. This year we will be trying new things to involve students such as possible "book buddy" sessions with younger students in ZOOM breakout rooms.

Adult Beginning/Intermediate Level:  Instructed by Herr Alex Ille-Hoekstra

This class will be conducted through Zoom for the entire session - weekly from 8:15AM-10:15AM. The learning targets include: beginning phrases, vocabulary, verb conjugations, sentence structuring, easy reading for practice and being able to hold a simple, yet meaningful conversations. This instructor also focuses on cultural studies and is very open to student requests. Herr Alex strives to connect with his students and works with the pace of the class. He expects students to work toward the class goals, to participate and to communicate any difficulties they may be having.

Adult Intermediate/Advanced:  Instructed by Martina Varelis

This class will include an average of 1 hour of ZOOM instruction each week. Students will review basic grammar structures such as nouns, adjectives, verb conjugations, prepositions, etc. and learn about more complex structures such as past tense forms and subordinate clauses. Overall emphasis will be on conversational German and each week students will have opportunities to practice speaking the language. Occasional sessions will be combined with other classes for special lessons or feature presentations by guest speakers.


Children ages 3-5:  Instructed by Frau Tina Stueve 


This Kindergarten class will participate in a 30-minute Zoom video each week that will consist of direct and interactive instruction, singing German songs, reading stories, and learning through play.  Each week we will introduce an exciting new theme.  Students will also have the opportunity to work on supplemental materials provided through email or Padlet and will complete worksheets, art projects, and view video links that reinforce the week's theme. Frau Tina is focused on engaging students and is interested in trying new methods.


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